Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a cruise?

Click the "Book Now" button to confirm your reservation or call (919) 302-3421. 

What to Bring:​
Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Camera, Mobile Phone, & Hat

In the summer, the forecast almost always calls for a chance of rain.  It's UNLIKELY that this will affect your trip due to our proximity to the coast.  Bring a rain slicker if the local forecast indicates a chance of rain.  

In winter months, a warm jacket, hat, and gloves make this a cozy experience.  We have a downstairs salon for those who like to stay extra warm.

What to wear:
​It's HOT in the summer.  Dress for it.  In the winter, dress in layers.  Feel free to bring additional layers aboard.  We have plenty of room to stow them.  
Please, no heels or marking soles.  You'll likely see the Captain in deck shoes.​

Toilet: Yes, Shamrock is equipped with a PUSH BUTTON TOILET!​​.
Gratuity:​ Tipping is optional, but always appreciated by the captain and support crew.  If you have an exceptional experience, please feel free to express with a tip.

How many guests are on boat?
Cruises on SV/Shamrock has a maximum capacity of 6 guests.  We require a minimum of 2 passengers to sail each departure.  We notify our guests in advance if a sailing departure is cancelled or delayed for any reason.  

MSB Visit trips are provided on a small vessel with a maximum of 4 guests.  We provide bottled water, island information, and information on things to see on the island land preserve.

How do I enroll in leadership academy seminars?

Leadership courses are available for both individuals and organizations.  Our faculty are ready to listen & provide advice based on your leadership and team development goals.  Contact us at jsheegog@shamrocksailing.com to find out more.